Thursday, December 10, 2009

holiday shopping!

last night after work i decided it was time to do some christmas shopping. i ended up just picking up some stocking stuffers for april and nathan. both of them just happen to be the absolute hardest people to shop for because they have everything they want. if they want something, they go buy it. and i'm just the opposite. i want everything and talk myself out of buying pretty much everything. it's a really bad habit. and also kinda a really good habit. sometimes.

christmas checklist!
mom - finished.
brother - haven't started.
sister, brother-in-law & baby jonas - haven't started.
april - nearly finished.
nathan - nearly finished. still debating on a few things.
amanda - finished.
april's dad & girlfriend - haven't started.

i guess i have a lot more to buy then i thought. and definately not enough money. i got paid yesterday and don't get paid again until the 23rd. i figure that i will finish april's and nathan's this weekend. and not worry about my brother's or april's dads until the 23rd. i know that's totally last minute, but they're both just getting gift cards. and i can buy those at my work. so, i'm not worried.

i'm probably not going to get to enjoy the holiday anyway because i'll most likely be working christmas eve and christmas day. but there's always next year, i suppose. and i hate the holidays anyways!

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