Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i have zero holiday spirit. i am so over it.
but, yesterday i saw this christmas three and i yelled. i love it so much. this season, i am in love with white trees. and since a little tot i have been obsessed with color coding everything i own.

next year, my tree will look exactly like this. if i accomplish nothing else in december '10, i won't care. as long as i have a christmas tree that looks like this, i will be completely satisfied with life. i'm not even kidding.

i received this little beauty from nathan. it's even prettied in real life. looove it.

i did finish up all my christmas shopping today. i spent a whopping 75 dollars on gift cards. which are the greatest/easiest gift you can buy someone. it's a lazy gift. and for the most part, i'm lazy in spirit.

more than anything, i am just really, really looking forward to a new year. i'm planning to make it an excellent one.

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