Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back in full force.

Happy October! I cannot believe how fast time goes. It's so crazy to me. I can barely keep up!

I'm happy to report that i've taken a much needed mental vacation, and i'm feeling so much better about everything. I've been doing some planning, and i've come up with some new ideas to make this blog more me, and personal. I'm really excited about things becoming more genuine, and i hope you guys will too.

I had the day off of work yesterday, and i got almost everything in my project box finished. It was mostly just a lot of spray painting, hanging up some pictures. Just small odds and ends of things. But, i was very happy to be able to mark those things off my list.

Since it's October, let's talk Halloween for a minute, shall we?
What do you guys want to be for Halloween? I seriously love Halloween so much. I love dressing up, but i always prefer to dress like a boy. I don't know why, but i really do!
Here are my ideas for this year.

Chuckie from the Rugrats
Darth Vader
(this picture reminds me of me and my best friend so much. If i dressed up as darth vader, she's definitely be Audrey Hepburn.)
Indian girl

What do you think i should be?
xoxo, kara


  1. chuckie is really cute, i don't think i've ever seen someone dress as him, i too am being a male character this year along with a few others since halloween's on sunday i feel like i cna at least do three :)

  2. chuckie is really cute. that's what i'm leaning towards. what are you going to be?

  3. wow, i had totally forgotten about the rugrats. chuckie is a great idea. I"m still undecided on mine, which is stressing me out a wee bit, normally my costume is done by now!
    I blame my boyfriend because he doesn't know what he wants to be and we usually go as a team costume. I'm open to ideas for couples if you've got 'em!