Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter! Easter is necessarily a holiday i celebrate, but i'm having a good day anyways.
April cooked an enormous feast this afternoon(i wish she would have woke me up to help!)and it was completely delicious. So, me and the roomies had our very own Easter-ish lunch. We had planned on going over to the Peddler's mall this afternoon, i had a sneaking suspisicion that it would be closed, and after we drove all the way across town, it was definitely closed. So, we went on down to the flea market instead. I didn't find any goodies, which always bums me out. April and Chris did pick up quite a few movies though.

Last night i had a dream that i was checking my blog, and my dashboard said i had 86 followers. I wish! I want to make new interweb blog friends, i'm just not real sure how. I don't really want to pimp myself out, but i would enjoy having some new followers, and i would enjoy following some new people!

I have to work tonight. I'm definitely not looking forward to that at all, especially after the nightmare that was last night. I get so incredibly fed up when i'm spending hours, working my tail off, not getting to take my breaks because there is so much to do, and my "boss" and coworkers are allowed to go outside 5 different times to take ten minute long smoke breaks. And i always have to stay inside, (not that i smoke anyways)and continue to work. That REALLY grinds my gears. You know what i'm saying? Shew!

I guess i'll go chill out for a while before work. Take a load off. It's really hot out today.
Catch you folks later!


  1. We are Myspace friends, I don't see why we can't be blogspot friends! Also, I always love how you post pictures in your blogs, but I especially love this one. I want a ferret so badly.

  2. I know! i never really liked ferrets before, but when i saw that picture, it made me instantly want one. I figure you can probably buy them at the flea market or something. If i ever run across one, i'll let you know!

  3. Yeah I had a friend a few years ago who was going to give me one because his sister was tired of her. But my parents just won't let me have one. My mom will smoke in the house and make everything I own smell disgusting but she's all picky about animals in the house. I have to put Lily under my shirt and pretend she's a tumor if I want her in here at all.

  4. This is why you must move out of your house. Granted, it takes forever to find a house. And you have to have a lot of money. And roommates, a reliable income, and a very large capacity for stress. But, at the end of the day you don't have to live with your lunatic mother anymore. Ferrets for everyone!

  5. Haha you have good logic! I'm moving to Morehead in a little over a year though, for college, so I guess I don't see a point in it right away.