Thursday, April 8, 2010

word to the wise

Don't wait until April 7th the file your taxes. And if you must wait until April 7th, do yourself a favor and file them with a tax filer lady or gentlemen, and not online. I was completely heinous all day yesterday because my stupid taxes were stressing me out so much. But, i finally got them filed. I woke up this afternoon, checked my email only to find that my FEDERAL AND STATE RETURNS HAD BEEN REJECTED BY THE IRS. Ok, after a brief panic attack, i got my head on straight, and followed the links provided in the email and fixed my problem. Turns out i got a number jumbled up somewhere along the way, and now it's fixed. SHEW.

I'm making a promise to myself. 
I will never file my taxes this late in the year ever again.
And i won't file them on the internet anymore either, because it's too easy for me to make mistakes.
From here on out, i'm sticking with the professionals.
like this guy!

I hope you guys are having a stress-free day. And i also really hope that you've already filed your taxes.

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