Thursday, April 15, 2010

new adventures.

I'm really wanting to get in shape. It's not something i just decided yesterday, it's been on my mind for months and months and months, and now i think i've decided it's the right time to get to work on this. I think i'm in the right frame of mind, i have a goal as motivation. So, last night i took the first steps on getting into better shape. After browsing around the workout aisle in wal mart for a while, i decided i was completely dumb when it comes to working out, and i have no idea what to do. So, i decided to get a workout dvd.
A Kim Kardashian DVD
I have no idea whether this is going to work or not. Hopefully it does because i see no trouble whatsoever in obtaining a beautiful backside and fitting into smaller jeans in a week. So, i bought the video as well as some weights, a jump rope, and some healthier foods to keep around the house.

I do plan on putting a lot of effort into this. So, i'm going to try to weekly document my successes or failures along the way. If any of you have any adivce or tips i would love to hear from you. I honestly have no idea what i'm doing. I'm just trying. I'm not really even trying to lose weight. I'd just like to tone up and lose inches. I don't own a scale, so the numbers don't even matter to me. I'm more concerned about being healthy and feeling better.

Do any of you guys work out on a regular basis? If so, what exercises do you guys do? I'd love to know all of the advice that you have. Wish me luck, i'm starting monday!


  1. I use Wii fit. But I haven't been doing it lately because it's boring now, I've done everything. I like to walk around outside with music. I've lost like 20 some pounds so far. The only advice I really have is if you crave something food-wise, eat it. If you deprive yourself you'll just eat a whole bunch of it later :| Or that's what I do, hah. OH and Carb Master Yogurt is amazing for late-night snacks.

  2. It's only like 4 carbs a container. I didn't think yogurt was very fattening, though. But there are waaay more carbs in a normal container, like 40 something I think. I was shooocked.