Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been down and out the last couple of days. Around 3 on Tuesday afternoon, i pulled a muscle or something in my neck. I'm not sure how it happened, i was only doing laundry! None the less, it was terrible. Absolutely terrible. I went into work that night, but left around midnight because the pain was so intense. I went to wal mart real quick to grab some heat patches, but they didn't work and left red welts all over my neck. So, that was lovely. I woke up tuesday afternoon, and it felt like the pain had been multiplied by about 400 million. I couldn't turn my head at all. It was totally excruiating. So, yesterday i stayed all doped up on tylenol and aleve and layed on the couch the entire day.

Nathan came over to keep me company for a while. And he brought this with him
Party Down. Season 1. I had mentioned something about this show to him just a couple of days ago. I read about it in a people magazine, and wanted to watch it because it had Martin Starr in it. I loved him sooooo much in Freaks and Geeks. One of Nathan's friends ended up having it, so he brought it over. AND I LOVED IT. It's really funny, but yesterday i was too sore to laugh at anything. If you like Arrested Development, then i really think you should check out this show. It's great!!!

And, today i feel sooooo so so much better. And that's a good thing, because i can't afford to miss work again tonight. I think Martin Starr, Party Down, HGTV, and the Cosby Show cured me. That's about the only thing i've done the last two days. Oh well. Whatever works!


  1. I love Arrested Development, so I will have to watch this show! And Jane Lynch is in it? I love her.

  2. The humor is really similar to Arrested Development's. And Jane Lynch is really funny in it too. One of my favorites. She isn't in season 2 though. I wish she was though!

  3. i see previews for this all the time and i'm interested, i didn't know it's aready premiered (i don't have Starz.) I hope your neck gets better, thats the worst, whether you slept on it wrong or whatever yikes & ouch.

  4. I don't have starz either. I just learned about this show like two weeks ago, and it's already in it's second season. it's really funny though. you should watch it. i don't know whether they have it on hulu or not. i think you'd like it though!