Friday, April 2, 2010

Work was totally and completely horrendous this evening. It felt like i did the same thing over and over for hours, and i wasn't having any fun while doing so. Also, i think it's pretty safe to say that every looney toon in town decided to come out to Walgreens tonight. There was the weird old dude that wanted to talk me about 'As Seen on TV' products for literally 30 minutes, the couple who were completely covered in nasty, trashy tattoos and wanted to talk to me about my 'tatz', an over agressive man who kept telling how he was going to fight someone, the lady who paid for her entire transaction in dimes. It was complete madness, ALL NIGHT!

I'm so very glad to be home.
For the last few nights i've been watching Freaks And Geeks. If you have not seen this show, you have to go rent it, buy it, look it up on the internet, netflix it, you have to do something! It's a real work of art.
I never watched this show when it originally aired, and i'm glad i didn't. I would have been way too young to enjoy it. It's so relatable to every day people. I absolutely adore this show. It was canceled after the first season, which is really unfortunate. That happens with all the really good shows, just like My so-called life.You will fall in love with Jason Segel and Martin Starr's characters, they are just too sweet for life!  I recommend this show to every single person alive. It's just that good!

But, it's ten after 5. And that means it's bedtime.
Goodnight blog world!


  1. you should have invited me in to watch it! now, lets go find my so called life on dvd & eat cookies.

  2. my so called life on dvd costs 60 dollars. too much!

  3. everytime i go to wal-greens some real great people are always there. it's just kind of one of those places, i don't know how bizzare it really is..
    I bought the Freaks&Geeks series and finished it not too long ago. what a good show, i use to watch it when I was little, and loved the Halloween episode with Bill, but never erally got it, but now it's so silly!
    by the way, don't tell anyone but mysocalled life is on hulu (i watched it there :D )

  4. oh and james franco is just so ridiculously good looking, i don't know what to do!

  5. james franco is so good looking, that it's almost hard to comprehend. SO GOOD LOOKING. And typically walgreens is ok, i just work at 24 hour store, and i normally work from 9pm-4am and all of the insane people come in. I'm glad you love all kinds of the same things i love! it makes me soooo happy!