Saturday, July 24, 2010


Over the last few days i've scoured quite a few thrifted goodies. Friday, a thrift shop downtown closed down, And as you can imagine, everything was marked down. Still, most everything in the store was outrageously expensive but i did end up finding two school desks. (as pictured above.) They were really dirty, but they cleaned up fairly easily. They're sitting in the living room right now but i'm not so sure this is where they will stay. They're cute and i really like them, but i just don't really know where to put them. They're awkward like that!

I think me and Nathan went everywhere in the entire county. First to the flea market. It was a let down. I think we each ended up getting a few movies a piece that were marked down quite a bit, but that's all. Then we went down to the Peddler's mall. It was pretty much a bust, too. I did find this cutie though.
Isn't it adorable? Yes, i thought so too. I got it on the cheap, as well. I think it'll find it's way into my bedroom to sit and look pretty.

The heat pretty much killed me today. It was so unbearable hot, and it seemed like pretty much every place we went, the air conditioner was broken. bummer bears. I've got to get a quick nap in before work.

xoxo, kara.

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