Friday, July 2, 2010

mini blog vacation.

Well, i guess i took another little mini blog vacation. I didn't intend to either. Since little Pauly had his little "dying-coming back to life" episode, i guess he thinks he runs this house. In the last week he's eaten a pair of flip-flops, an anniversary card that Nathan made for me, and one of our internet cables. So, that's why i've been on a little vacation.

A lot has happened in this week and a half. On Thursday, the 24th, Nathan and myself celebrated our two-year anniversary. We had planned for a day trip to Louisville, to see one of our favorite bands, Andrew Jackson Jihad, but after a lot of useless bickering concerning lack of funds, we decided to sit that one out. We ended up not doing too much of anything. We took a trip out to his parents house, they were out of town, so we had their big 'ol house all to ourselves for the night. It was really nice.

And since i haven't been able to use the internet during the last week, me and Nathan have been exercising in place of time i use for blogging. It's so much easier to stay motivated when you have a work out partner, and it makes everything go by a little quicker. I hate working out. I don't find it therapeutic or thrilling. I think it really, really sucks. So, having a partner is really helping me a lot to stick with it. So far, i think we are doing really good.

I really have missed my little corner of the internet. I've also really missed my blog. I'm making a promise to myself to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible! I apologize for not being around as much. Hopefully that will be changing soon!

xoxo, kara.

ps. later tonight, i think i'm going to post a blog about how i'm scared of my legs. so, stay tuned for that!

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