Friday, February 19, 2010

crossing my fingers.

If everything goes as planned, i will be moving out this coming week!

And with that being said, i'll just go ahead and let you know, i'm kinda sorta freaking out! I'm completely elated at the thought of moving out of my mother's house and moving into another house with my best friend and her boyfriend. At the same time, i'm also a little scared. I've never paid rent before, or an electric bill. So, that will definitely be something new. I feel like i'm really ready for the change though. I've desperately been needing a new surrounding and environment for a very long time. So, this new prospect is very, VERY exciting.

I've been looking around on the internet the minute the idea was proposed to me for adorable new home goods. Granted, i cannot afford any of them, but a girl can dream, right? At this point the only thing that really matters to me is a roof over my head, running water, and electricity. But, i do love all things adorable. I thought i'd share a few things that i really love.

I now present you with my:
"Dream Home Wish List!!!"
I really love both of these shower curtains a whole lot. I think the first one is just completely beautiful, it might be a little too "dreamy" for everyday use though. The second seems a lot more practical to me, considering other people will be having to use the bathroom. I don't think ruffle shower curtains are boy friendly. Bummer.
I pretty much love everything about bedding. I love sheets, quilts, duvet covers, afghans, EVERYTHING. I would loooooove to go crazy and buy seven new sets of sheets, but i literally have enough thrifted bedding to last me a life time.
I love these plates, and i think they're currently on sale right now. And they're easily the cheapest thing on this list, by far. In the last year i've thrifted a lot of plates that are very similar to this. If i had a complete set of these plates, i think it would bring it all together. These plates are the only feasible purchase on this list.

So, that was my list! My list that i won't buy a single thing from! But that's ok. I'm still very happy and excited!
Wish me luck!


  1. I love that first shower curtain! And please tell me where you found those plates?

  2. Congrats! I can feel your excitement! I hope your best friend and her boyfriend allow your magical basement witch-cat Penelope. Also, your taste in "home goods" is admirable.

  3. Keep Close, Sweet- I found the plates at aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen?!

    tarah- my magical basement witch ghost cat penelope isn't coming with. she's been in heat for about 2 months now, and she's just completely out of control!