Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, tomorrow is the moment of truth. We should be finiding out whether or not we passed the credit check. And if we did, we'll be one step closer to moving in. And if we don't, that means we don't get to move in and i'll probably not get out of my bed for the next three days. Even though i've been working hard not to, i've definitely gotten my hopes up. It almost seems impossible not to in this situation. The idea of moving out on my own just seems so exciting to me.

I want to keep this short, because if i don't, i'll ramble on forever about how nervous and stressed i feel. And i don't want to do that. I'm trying to be completely optimistic about everything, no bad thoughts, just positive energy.

*fingers crossed!*


  1. my fingers and toes are crossed for you, baby girl! :D so so so exciting! you will decorate it in the most devine way, i know it!


  2. Good luck!! I know it's nerve wracking worrying about getting your first apartment. Also, hello from a county below you!

  3. Kaelah- thank you, thank, thank you! i can't wait to decorate, eeep!

    Shea- thank you! i'm so nervous! Where do you live, mama? I saw you were from Kentucky on your blog, but i didn't know you were so close!

  4. Yeah I live in McCreary County. I saw that you're from Somerset. My husband, daughter and I just moved back from North Carolina this past October. It's definitely good to be home.