Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday loves day.

I feel like i've been running around like a crazy woman the last few days. Between work, non-stop thrifting for home stuff, and cleaning, i'm totally worn out. I'm taking a break from cleaning and organizing right now so i could blog, and i'm very happy to do so.

I'm feeling stressed out. I still haven't found any seating for the living room. I found THE CUTEST vintage chairs the other day at a shop downtown, but the gentleman who owns the store wanted $350 dollars for the pair, and an additional $50 dollars for the foot stole that belonged with the set. They were completely perfect. But, if i had $400 bucks to spend on a couple of chairs, i probably wouldn't be thrifting for furniture in the first place! I'd just go buy a brand new one! Somehow we've ended up with literally about 12 sets of sheets, enough owls to decorate everyroom in our house and then some and then multiply that by 14, 4 canister sets, 3 sets of dishes, and odds and ends of any and everything you could ever possibly think of. (mind you, all of this was accumulated over time, not in the last 3 days. that would be totally bananas.)But, we can't find a couch anywhere. UGH.

Now, it's time for "Ten Things I Love Sunday!"
Adorable, Inspiring, and Beautiful Home Edition!

1. Pretty displays of collections.
2. Beautiful bedding.
3. Crocheted throws.
4. Handmade Quilts.
5. Yarn as decor.
6. Pastel wall colors.
7. Organization.
8. Throw Pillows.
9. Color-coded book shelves.
10. Wall pretties.
Well, that concludes my list. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Now, i'll return back to cleaning and packing and stressing about not having a couch to sit on.


  1. good thing we have all of this, except ORGANIZATION!