Sunday, February 7, 2010

it's already sunday?!

ok. so, it's already sunday. this week has gone by so fast, i can barely remember it!

I woke up very early,(well, very early for me nowadays) on Saturday morning to go shopping in Richmond with my bestie. We had a fairly pleasant day. Except for LITERALLY almost getting ran over by a semi-truck on the interstate. I thought i was actually having a heart attack for a minute. Then we completely embarrassed ourselves and this poor lady in Hastings.

But we had a very easy time laughing at every single thing that happened today. I ended up buying not much of anything for myself. As usual. but, i'm ok with that. I'm trying to save anyways.

Moving right along!
Ten new loves!
movie edition!
my favorite silly movies. of. all. time.
1. Ten Things I hate About You. I mean, seriously. Who doesn't love this movie? I simply refuse to believe that there is a person out there who can honestly say that they do not love this movie. It is a classic. And i will forever cherish it. Also, R.I.P Heath Ledger. I seriously really, really miss you.
2. Sister Act. Whoopi Goldberg is a lounge singer in Vegas. She is in a relationship with a mobster type gentleman. She witnesses a murder. And is placed in the witness protection program. Where she becomes a nun. Seriously, it's funny. And personally, i think Whoopi Goldberg is awesome.
3. The Wedding Singer. It's just perfectly adorable. I don't think you can help but to fall in Love with Robby Hart (Adam Sandler's character) and you know him and Julia are destined to be together.
4. Say Anything. Oh Lloyd Dobler. You are the perfect man. Enough said.
5. High Fidelity. (I kinda have a small John Cusack Crush) I love this movie. It's a little more serious than the rest on the list. But, i still think it's an excellent movie. Also, i think it's very truthful, and shows just how crazy a person can be when they love someone and know that they're the one who has ruined everything. It's brutally honest. And i really like that.
6. Disney Movies. Mulan. Aladdin. The Lion King.
7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I think everyone would like to be Ferris Bueller for a day. Atleast i would. I think Nathan secretly worships Ferris Bueller a little bit.
8. Little Miss Sunshine. A very dysfunctional family at it's finest. I love Abagail Breslin in this movie. I hope she's an actress forever. And, i love Steve Carrell because he looks like he could actually be someone's parent. He seems like a real person to me.
9. Pineapple Express. This movie really, really makes me laugh. I've always loved Seth Rogan, and James Franco ain't to bad either! Hubba hubba!
10. National Lampoon's Vacation. I love Chevy Chase. And slap-stick comedy. This movie really cracks me up. it's a classic!

this completes my list of my favorite silly movies.
hope you enjoyed!


  1. i love mulan and whoopi goldberg( escpecially (sp??) on the view!!

  2. the other day i was out and the song "you're just too good to be true" came on and i thought about 10 things i hate about you.
    i completely forgot Heath Ledger sang in it. (i haven't watched it in a while..)
    nice list of movies!

  3. your blog header is awesome! and love your seafoam green post below. :)