Friday, February 12, 2010

Has it really been 5 days since i posted?
Somehow the last two weeks have just totally escaped me. They've totally flown by.

Yesterday was pretty wild. I came home from spending the night with nathan. I went to get in the shower, and saw someone standing outside my bathroom door. I was completely alarmed, and screamed a lot of choice words, and then the door opened. And it was my sister. And she lives in Kansas! She was just standing there, holding Jonas (my nephew.) It was such a wild surprise. I had absolutely no idea she was planning to come hom for a couple of days!

I slept most of today. I woke up around 3 and got the day started. Me and April went to Cracker Barrel and it was completely delicious, as always! Then we went over to Sally's and i bought some nail polish. i've become totally addicted to nail polish here lately. I buy one or two new bottles nearly every week. I just can't help it! I've been trying to keep my nails painted constantly here lately, because i don't bite them when they're painted. I have such a horrible habit of ripping and biting off my finger nails. So, i just try to keep them painted constantly.
i cannot resist any shade of blue, green or purple.
typically i only buy sally hansen or other cheap drugstore brands. but these are very pretty!

There are several places around where i live that sell OPI nail polishes but they never carry colors like these. I just find mostly "mom-ish" colors. I'm dying for these polishes though!
What brand of polish do you girls prefer?
I'd really love to know!


  1. love them all. we should really stop at that nail shop in richmond next time.

  2. oh i saw those new OPI colors at Trade Secret yesterday, kind of a change of way for them.
    I actually found some cool/great colors are Walgreens from Sally Hansen! I bought this dreamy Mint Sprint color one that's wonderful (one coat is all you need!)
    then there's this cool off brand called Sinful Colors thats usually on the make up check out counter for like $1.99 (i got one called Boogie Nights)
    I recently got into nail polish too, love it!

  3. i work at walgreens!
    i just bought a color called mint apple from the sinful colors brand. i love it a lot! it's a very pretty seafoam green.
    also, i think i know about the Sally Hansen mint color you're talking about. It's one of those insta-dry kinds? i've been admiring it for a while, but i just haven't bought it for whatever reason!

  4. yes it is the insta-dry one! it's gorgeous!
    and that bright orangey one is too!
    i just bought some more sinful colors too.
    tumbelberry or something, its like an orange pink. always a win in my book for anyone :]